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Attendee Registration


Status of Live Registration Form - Closed as 3/31/21 04:00 PM.
The registration fee for qualified attendees is $60. The fee for students is $10.
To begin your registration, please enter your company name below as your information may already be in our database. If you do not have a company name then please enter "Entrepreneur".
Contact Howard at 215.732.2333 OR HOWARD@ATLANTICBAKERYEXPO.COM
Exhibitors: Please submit your registration through the Exhibitor Service Center to correspond to your booth. Do not register here.

Click here to read the ABE policies.


The Tropicana is the official hotel for the show. We will provide free shuttle service back and forth from the Tropicana to the Convention Center on all set-up days show days and tear down days from early morning (6:30 AM) until after the Hall closes each day. Admission to the shuttle will be by hotel room key and show badge. We have a very low negotiated show rate. To make reservations go online at tropac3.net/offercode/HABE20. PLEASE make your reservations early as we have a limited number of rooms blocked.

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