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About Us

The NY bakers association was formed in 1897 and NJ bakers association was formed in 1918. At the time, bakery owners felt a need to organize into non-profit associations to serve as a focal point for issues that are common to their industry. Both shared a close friendship between its members, both seek to help their members through the ups and downs of the retail baking business. Each would have meetings, workshops, and social events to network with each other. Their goal was to improve their businesses and to educate new members to thrive in the retail baking industry.

At their annual convention every year, new officers would be installed, and baking companies would be invited to come to this event and take a booth in the hotel. Many of these companies were allied members of these associations, so it was a great opportunity for them to exhibit their new products to a large group of bakers. The popularity of this baker's retreat sowed the seeds of today" modern bakery show.

Both organizations saw a need back in 1984 to get together and join forces to produce a spectacular baking industry event, the Atlantic Bakery Expo. In the 1980s, Atlantic City had begun to introduce gambling, a nostalgic city was making a revival and what better place to have a new bakery show than at the convention center? Putting the show together was a lot of work for the two associations but it paid off, the first show was a huge success, and drawing people all over the east coast to attend it. It became an instant hit within the baking industry, and the two organizations decided to have it there every two years.

The "Atlantic City Bakery Show" has grown to be the largest bakery exposition on the east coast, offering educational programs, networking opportunities, product information and many contests for decorators and bakers.

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